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Annabelle lives in the South West of England and is a mother of three, and owner of three troublesome cats and a dog. She writes LGBTQ romance, usually in a supernatural or fantasy setting. Her mind is always full of plots and twists, and she tries to incorporate these into her stories.

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  1. falicesidoma says:

    I am a newbie and I had to just follow you. I look forward to reading The Altered.

  2. 16forward says:

    Oh my! I just read the excerpt on Boy Meets Boy … ‘Dark Angel’ … loved it!

  3. Katerine says:

    Hello Mrs Annabelle
    I wanted to ask you if you would continue with the Regent’s Park Pack series because I would love it if cam and Gareth had their HEA together!!

  4. Gabriela says:

    Hey! I’m currently reading Bitten by Mistake amen im loving it ❤️🥰 Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful story!
    I have question thought ( spoiler alert)
    If a human is bonded with a shifter and remains human, that means that the shifter is going to stay young while the human ages?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to read the next books!

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