Busy, busy, busy…..

So, I’ve been busy writing these last few months. I successfully completed NaNoWriMo, and as a result I have a new romantic fantasy novel coming out later this year with Dreamspinner Press. I am ridiculously excited, I have to say.

I’ve also just completed my second novel – Torsere –  which I hope will become the first part in a trilogy (fingers crossed). It’s another romantic fantasy, with dragons and elves and lots of leather. I’ve just finished editing it and it’s sitting in my pre-readers’ capable hands. Here is just a little snippet….

The doors opened silently enough and Nykin managed to enter the room relatively unnoticed, but as he turned to push them closed, a horribly loud creak echoed around the room. Everyone turned to stare at him; all his fellow Dragon Riders, a handful of soldiers from the Torserian army, an amused-looking Princess Cerylea and a not-so-amused-looking Prince Ryneq.

 The Prince glared at him for several long moments, Nykin tried hard not to blush or squirm under the intensity of it, before turning to address the lead Rider. “Now that we’re all here.”

 Nykin scuttled to the back of the Dragon Riders, sliding into line beside Lyssa and Hiroth. Neither of them paid him any attention as the Prince carried on speaking.

 “Prince Morkryn and a contingent of his elven guard will arrive tomorrow to discuss terms of our proposed treaty.” Ryneq walked back over to stand beside his sister, pausing a moment to smile softly at her. It wasn’t often that the Prince openly showed affection in front of his subjects, and it transformed his usual handsome, but cold-looking face, into something warm and wonderful and Nykin felt his stomach flutter.

 But when he looked back over at the people assembled before him, the hard edge was back. “Nysad and I, along with thirty of the guard, will meet them at the edge of the Forest of Hervath and provide an escort back to the palace.”

 Prince Ryneq was also Captain of the Guard and Nysad was his second in command. He leaned in to talk quietly with him, and Nysad nodded quickly before saluting and leading his men out of the room. “The armies of Rodeth and Athisi have been quiet as of late, and our scouts report no movement near our borders.” Ryneq paced in front of the gathered riders, looking over them as he spoke. “I don’t anticipate any trouble, but this treaty is of paramount importance and we can’t afford to take any chances.”

 The Prince’s gaze landed on Nykin, and his eyes narrowed for just the barest of moments before sweeping over to Lyssa beside him. Nykin watched the Prince’s every move.  He cut a formidable figure; taller than almost all his guard, with short, dark hair and broad shoulders. Nykin wished for the hundredth time that he would be noticed in return. The Dragon Riders were held in high regard by the people of Torsere, but to the prince, he was just another member of the royal army and nothing more.

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